Monday, September 29, 2008

I finally got registered to vote today!

I've been trying so hard to get myself registered, but the stupid pdf file registration form kept printing off with the text all encoded in some weird way. So, it ended up looking like I had written it in a combination of Russian and Wingdings. But oh well. I got it printed properly and in the mail. Now all I need is for Dell to finally refund my money so I can get my account fixed up. ...That is, if JP Morgan Chase doesn't have some stupid problem with rescinding my overdraft fees like Wamu told me they would. I'm gonna be so fucking pissed off if this stupid ass crap messes with my money. I shouldn't get fucked over just because Washington Mutual execs are incredibly irresponsible. I can't believe I'm still working through all this Dell crap, though. Their customer service is just uncannily awful.

Okay, bye.

Oh, and my adsense made about a buck fifty today! That's 45 bucks a month if it happens consistently! Pretty nifty! I wonder if I could make more...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So, I had to open my ravioli with a hammer...

Today, I brought some ravioli in a can to work and I forgot to bring a can opener. I thought it was just one of the tops that had a pull ring on it, but I was wrong. I spent most of the morning staring at my computer, pretending to type, and thinking of different ways I could get my food open. Could I use a spoon? My keys? Could I bang it against the counter until it came apart? Well, none of those ideas sounded so great to me, so instead, I grabbed the hammer out of the tool kit (good thing I'm Inventory Manager, or I wouldn't have even thought of that.) I took it downstairs to the building's break room so my own coworkers wouldn't think I was a nutcase. Luckily, the room was empty and I was free to hack away at the can with the nail-remover side of the hammer. That thing dug in like a pickaxe! It was awesome! But then I heard some footsteps and I had to hurry and clean up my mutilated can before someone called the local mental health institution. I was a little creeped out by myself standing there, in the corner by the microwave, wiping the red stains off my hammer. In retrospect, I'm sure that made me all the more conspicuous to the confused onlookers, but oh well. And people just KEPT coming in! I NEVER see anyone in that break room because most of the business suites in the building have their own kitchenette areas. It was just my luck that I had to look like a freak in front of half the building.
Anyway, that was pretty funny. I felt like a moron, but the only person who actually said something to me about it was the girl I rode the elevator with. She seemed somewhere in between amused that I had a hammer and a broken can of ravioli, and frightened that I might be an insane man with a dangerous weapon.
So, let this be a lesson: If you are ever near a guilty-looking individual with red stains on the cuffs of his shirts and he's carrying a dirty hammer, don't automatically judge him. He might just be hungry and broke for the week.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I believe in something!

I was recently dragged through two stores at the mall the other day, and I wanted to shoot myself the entire time. The first was a little Hot Topic rip-off store with an adult twist that played screamo the entire time, and the other was Hot Topic itself, which, ...always plays screamo (although, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who likes the music in there and actually refers to it by that title.)
Now, the first store really gave me high-hopes. When we walked in, David Bowie's Fashion started playing. That was a nice surprise. But some time while looking through the quirky halloween costumes, the beer pong playset, and the erotic novelties, things had become much worse and much more pathetic. The singer was screaming something that I was completely unable to understand, and, incredibly enough, his loud, moronic voice was drowned out by the simple guitar power chords and high hat drum slamming.
....In order to keep this short, let's just say Hot Topic was nothing too dissimilar.

So, I've set up a petition here:

Give Peace!

It shows that we are in favor of ear plugs being handed out at the door to any of these places. If you walk into a store and someone's playing My Chemical Romance, you should be able to kindly accept the ear plugs from the nearby short girl with the choppy haircut and fake thick-rimmed eyeglasses.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I wish there were some sort of thing for people who want to write stuff. I want to write stuff. Better yet, there should be some thing for writers and it should be primarily directed toward me.

That would be nice.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm an idiot...

So, earlier today, I was having trouble logging into my google adwords account. I reset my password and sent them an email detailing the problem. I even included a screenshot of the error page. .......then in their help email, they said one of the reasons it wouldn't work would be if I had two separate usernames for adwords and adsense. ......I don't have an adwords account. I have an adsense account and I finally figured that out at about 11:00 tonight.

I repeat: I'm an idiot...

My Misadventures with Dell - Chapter 438

Well, after countless efforts on my part to get things straightened out with these idiots, (I've talked with them through email in different departments, on the phone through different departments, etc.), it's all gone way past the point of ridiculous. In case you don't know (and actually care), I made an order with dell. The order didn't go through, so I called to make another order. I specifically told them to make sure the first order wouldn't be accepted so I wouldn't get charged twice. ....I was charged twice. So, I got home the next day and found two packages at my door. I was angry, but was also somewhat relieved that I'd gotten what I needed. I opened the first package. It was the wrong item. I opened the second one. It was the same wrong item. I sent off an email to two different departments in the company telling them how inept they are and that they need to fix the problem immediately. They tried to offer me credit, which, seems like forcing a sale on me, considering the fact that they charged me double. When I told them that I would only accept full refunds and not credit, I never got anything back confirming that I would get my money back.All I got was a UPS shipping return notice that said they would pick up my packages. ...But it said that UPS was expecting a THIRD item. So, now there's the item I want but didn't get, then there's the item I received (x2), and then there's the item they're expecting to have returned to them. I've emailed back and forth to no avail, and I've called as many departments as I can. Of course, I can't be talking to a representative who lives here, though. When I got a hold of someone in the country, she was very nice, but told me about Dell's dumbass policy that only government issues are to be handled in country and that ALL customer issues are handled in India. Now, I knew that a lot of things were handled over there. I've had to call tech support a million times anyway. But I need to speak with someone way above customer service by this point and I know that the executives are in this country. I'm fine with the outsourcing of tech support because every time I've had a tech-related issue, it's been solved promptly and with great courtesy shown to me by them. But when it comes to customer problems that haven't been fixed, I should be able to talk to someone who, first of all, knows what I'm saying. Second, has the power/authority/ability to fix the issue. And third, I shouldn't be ignored by the people running things. I work for a web development company, and if Dell's stupid enough to piss us all off, they're losing a ton of money. My boss just bought two new, fully-equipped Gateway laptops just for the hell of it and he said he was on the fence about whether or not to order from Dell later on. We buy new computers in this office at least once a month and they're always over a thousand dollars. Plus, we buy servers, monitors, other peripheral devices, and cpu towers for our network and hosting needs. I would estimate our hardware spendings to be upwards of $5,000 a month and that doesn't even come close to the totals after we tell all our clients about how much shit you have to deal with when buying from Dell. We have quite a bit of sway in the technical community and Dell can't afford to pull this shit without fixing the issues. It's an incredibly stupid move on their part and I hope it brings about the end of the company (there's certainly potential for it.)

Thank you for letting me rant. I'm incredibly angry and I don't see an end in sight to my problems. I just want to warn others about this so they don't go through any of it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

In My Continuing Efforts To Blog More...

I'm putting in something really pointless:

I'm at work. I'm doing lots of lame Data Entry stuff right now. I'm almost done with a big project, though. That's pretty sweet. I feel like a glorified secretary sometimes, though. I can't finish copy/pasting crap because I'm the primary phone-answer guy, but whatever. I used to be a writer here. Maybe I'll finally get back to writing stuff. Those were the days. I mailed out the checks to our freelancers, too. It made me sentimental for the days when I just sat on my ass at home and wrote stuff while trying to keep from roaming about the internet as my thoughts roamed, themselves.

I don't know if any of this makes sense to anyone but me, but oh well. I'm just trying to update this thing regularly. I feel like it's such a waste because I like the look of the page and I handpicked the title/url. Alright, I'm gonna get back to work.

By the way: HOLY CRAP! I forgot I got this blog in MAY! I've only posted a handful of blogs and I've had it for four and a half months! That's insane!

Ok, bye now.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

This site is awesome. I started watching this guy's videos a while ago, but it never occurred to me to actually tell someone about it. He makes different fake rock formations to put in reptile terrariums and/or cages. It's awesome! He makes the coolest fake mayan temple ever!

Lizard Landscapes

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm sure everyone knows, but Dell is a complete waste of time and money...

DON'T EVER BUY A DELL! Dell's products will only get screwed up and you'll never be able to get it fixed. You can't buy anything universal and use it with a Dell product, either, because Dell wants you to buy their shit when the original gets fucked up!
I've recently had my third harware fuckup while dealing with these retards and of course the customer service reps aren't actually able to fix the situation for me. Here's my latest angry message I've sent to them.

I made an order three days ago and put rush delivery on it. When I hadn't received it yesterday, I checked online to see if it was even going through. It wasn't. So, I called and was forwarded to the wrong department five times. I found a completely different number and was finally forwarded from there to the CORRECT dept. Then, someone was finally able to find my order in the system and tell me why it didn't go through. I was ASSURED that it wouldn't somehow process payment anyway, but did. So, I was charged twice and I couldn't call earlier to fix this problem because I was at work. I got home and found two packages at my door. So, the delivery was somewhat less slow than I expected, but they were the wrong power supplies. They were what I ordered, but for some strange reason, I figured that if it said it was compatible with my model of laptop, it would be compatible with my model of laptop. Since they're both the same, they don't fit my computer. I tried to call to fix it, but the customer care center was closed. Now I'm stuck with two of the wrong adapter that I shouldn't have even had to pay for and this needs to be fixed immediately.

Also, that little note at the bottom of your emails that says "Thank you for choosing Dell" is pathetic. I didn't CHOOSE Dell. I wouldn't have been dumb enough to make that mistake. My laptop was bought for me and I'm STUCK with Dell because of the bullshit hardware exclusivity crap that I have to deal with. If I could find a universal adapter that would fit, I would never have had to go through any of this crap.

The message sent and the next page that loaded told me that I should check my email for an automated response designed to answer my question. So, either they get that email a lot, or no one at the company would even see my message and I would get something saying "Thank you for your concern. Unfortunately, we can't help you at all. Please give us more money.


Some Fucktard."