Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Blog A Day...

...keeps the mental latency away. So I've decided to write a blog post every day for some-odd amount of time just to see what happens. Obviously, since no one reads this, I don't have to worry about censoring myself. I'll just write freely and that will -- in some way -- be good. Plus, it'd be nice to keep my mind fresh for a little while longer.
On that note, here's the first post:
I guess that since I rarely use anymore, I have a lot today. Well, I'be.been.working at.a restaurant for over a year, and I've recently started school full time. I enjoy tennis these.days and fantasize about becoming a combination screenwriter-tennis champion-author-british guest that green technology with my own hom3that has a windmill and well as other things I'll come up.with at a later date. Also, I'm typingthis phone and It's a pain in the ass, so you're lucky I fixed.all of the.mistyped words I've.noticed.

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